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Gas Lines & Piping

We offer commercial and residential gas lines, piping installs and reroutes for any project.  Whether it is for gas outdoor grills, fire pits, gas dryers or water heaters, proper piping for the fuel and device is critical.  We are equipped to install gas lines and piping and ensure it is done correctly and effectively.  


New installs on gas fireplaces or stoves indoors should always be done by a professional, and with our years of experience, we are the right fit for the job.  Installing gas lines and piping is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You need the right diameter and material for the task at hand. From galvanized and cast iron to copper and polyethylene piping or pvc, we know what will work best for indoor and outdoor use.  Flexible gas piping is a great way to pipe those hard to reach projects off of main line feeds.

Gas Line Solutions for Lehi, Utah Homes and Businesses


If you have gas line and piping needs we have solutions!

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Water Heaters
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Fire Pits
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Outdoor Grills
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